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Wordle of Training Manager Tasks ACR 108 Training Manager Boot Camp V4 is a Course

ACR 108 Training Manager Boot Camp V4

Time limit: 180 days
1 credit


Full course description

Save time and improve learning by taking this course designed for CCI Training Managers. This course helps you quickly find the resources and videos to help yourself and learners to accelerate in the desktop and mobile app versions of each course.

Learn to:

  • Setup For Success
  • Review Training Manager Role
  • Manage Your Training Program
    • Managing Time Skills, and Motivation
    • Training Manager Skills Poster
    •  Manage Relationships and Learning Styles
    • Career Paths for Apprentices
  • Develop Canvas LMS Skills
    • Learn to use Discussions, Assignments, Announcements, Quizzes
    • CCI Grading Strategy: 3, 2, or 1
    • Statistics, Analytics and Reports
    • Using Canvas “Help”
  • Setup a Course
    • Course Sections and Groups
    • Practicing Skills in the Training Manager LAB Course (ACR 108L)
    • Apprenticeship Readiness Checklist (For Shops)
    • Course Enrollment
  • Graduating Apprentices
    • Promoting Apprentices
    • Apprentice Completed Portfolio of Work Skills
    • Course Completion Certificates
    • Program Completion Certificates
    • Apprenticeship Skills Assessments
    • Apprentice Graduation

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