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Mentor Showing Damage to Female Apprentice

ACR 109 Trainer Boot Camp V4

Time limit: 90 days
2 credits

$395 Enroll

Full course description

This course helps those that mentor or will be mentoring apprentices learn key skills to help them successfully transfer their skills to another person. Focus is on teaching hands-on skills to others who are of different generations and of different personality and learning styles. Adapting techniques included. Highly recommended that Trainers take this course at the same time their apprentice is taking their Boot Camp.

  • Identify Key Skills and Sequence To Teach Others
  • Sort Skills from Simple to Complex
  • Managing Time and Relationships during apprenticeships
  • Demonstrating Your Skills for Others
  • Tracking Apprentice Competency
  • Have your skills as a Mentor assessed at the end
    Watch short video to learn more