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Body Technician repairing a fender

ACR 101 Body Trim and Minor Repair-V5

Time limit: 120 days
3 credits

$795 Enroll

Full course description

This is the first in a series of body technician training courses. The purpose is to confirm that you know how to safely remove trim, moldings, and emblems and to do minor body repair to steel and plastic parts. The assumption is that you don't know how to do these tasks to the level of a skilled technician at the start but that you will by the end. Strive to complete each skill to your Trainers Quality level, speed will come with repeating each skill done correctly. You will complete a skills assessment before training begins to determine what you and your trainer think you know and what you still need to learn or learn better.

  • Learn to Manage your Time, Skills and Relationships
  • Minor Dent Repair
  • Cosmetic and 2-Sided Plastic Repair
  • Welded Plastic Repair
  • De-Trim, Tag & Bag Panels and Fasteners
  • Analyze and Align Outer Body Panels
  • Scan Vehicle Systems Both Before and After Repairs
  • Start Building Your Portfolio of Work

The sooner you complete these skills to industry standard, and submit your evidence, the sooner you can move onto the next set of skills in the next course.