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Picture of Rear Body Panel being welded ACR 105 Automotive Welding V5 is a Course

ACR 105 Automotive Welding V5

Time limit: 120 days
3 credits

$795 Enroll

Full course description

The focus of this course is to prepare learners with key skills needed to spot and MIG weld vehicles involved in collisions. Skills include: learning metal joining theory, setting up and operating a spot welder, and testing welds for quality. Also learning to setup GMAW or MIG welding machines and welding structural and non-structural steels to industry standard. Course includes preparation for taking and passing the I-CAR GMAW Steel Welding Certification Test.

The sooner you complete competent repairs to industry standard, and SUBMIT evidence of that, the sooner you can move onto the next set of skills. To learn more about CCI's Training Program click here: or copy and paste URL into your browser: